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Soul Mama Yoga on the Gold Coast, Australia teaches specialised pregnancy and postnatal yoga through tailor-made postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to clear and calm the mind and body, preparing you for labour, birth and beyond.
By providing an essential ‘yoga toolkit’ Soul Mama Yoga enables you to be comfortable and confident with the capabilities of your new ever changing, self, body and with your baby.

Pregnancy is the beginning of a journey for both mum-to-be and dad-to-be whether it be their first, second, third or fourth etc. Every pregnancy is different, every child is different and every situation is different.

A whole array of emotions varying in depth will be experienced by all involved, however none will impact more than on the woman as she readjusts herself daily to the never ending cycle of changes mentally, physically and emotionally and attempts to refocus her new life direction.

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A Happier Pregnancy and Creation of a Strong Mama/Baby Bond

Soul Mama Yoga classes provide a gentle and moderate form of exercise encouraging the release of endorphins, ‘happy hormones’ into the body helping to provide a more balanced sense of well-being and calm emotions. Endorphins are also released in response to stress and pain creating a calming and pain relieving effect on the body. This is particularly beneficial during labour and birth. Soul Mama Yoga provides Pregnant Mamas classes specifically designed with beneficial movements to help continue the production of these endorphins during labour. Endorphins also play a role in strengthening the mama/baby relationship postnatally, however decreased levels can have a negative impact resulting in “baby blues”, although this is perfectly normal prolonged reduction of levels can lead to depression therefore Soul Mama Yoga’s perfectly modified Postnatal Mamas Yoga classes are a welcome addition to life as a new mama helping to maintain a balance of hormones and greater sense of well-being.

A More Progressive Labour

Oxytocin is incredibly important in the latter stages of pregnancy when the uterus becomes more sensitive to its presence.  It is also responsible for starting the labour process off with uterine contractions to thin and dilate the cervix. Levels of oxytocin increase once the baby’s head hits the cervix, the more oxytocin produced the better the ability to distance oneself mentally, often described as “going into the zone” this helps the birthing body to take over. Deep breathing releases oxytocin into the body as it is in a state of relax which effectively contributes to a more progressive labour. Soul Mama Yoga teaches techniques to encourage relaxation promoting the production and release of oxytocin. When the body is experiencing fear or anxiety our ‘fight or flight’ response kicks in causing adrenaline to be released. Unfortunately adrenaline inhibits the production of oxytocin which can lead to a slowing down of the labour process or halting it altogether therefore remaining calm and relaxed is paramount for a progressive labour.

Safe Tailor-Made Exercise for a More Comfortable Pregnancy and Delivery

Soul Mama Yoga classes are designed to nurture women through safe tailor-made postures focusing on strengthening the physical capabilities of an ever changing body. During pregnancy Relaxin is produced having a crucial effect on the body allowing muscles, joints and ligaments to soften, stretch and relax. It is also responsible for softening and widening the cervix. Relaxin’s attention is predominantly focused on the pelvis allowing it to stretch with more ease during pregnancy, labour and birth. Soul Mama Yoga classes teach pregnant and postnatal mamas how to use and adapt exercise for their new body comfortably with confidence and most important of all, safely to help prevent any discomfort, pain or injury.

A More Relaxed Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Period

Breathing techniques practised through Soul Mama Yoga’s classes will not only increase oxygen and nutrients to the baby but also assist in the removal of toxins and waste. Deep breathing allows the feeling of being more in charge of one’s own body, labour and birth. Working with the breath helps to create a more connected and empowered birth whether it be a natural one or otherwise. Breath-work helps provide women with the skills to come to terms with any given situation, regain control and bring forth a sense of presence in the here and now, helping to feel more connected and in the moment during delivery.

Postnatally these techniques can be practised to help manage the many new challenges that will be faced. Breath work also helps by gently activating the abdominal muscles helping to bring them back together in a controlled and safe way.


Soul Mama Yoga aims to provide a safe, open and non-judgemental space to enable each and every one the opportunity to find the inner power and confidence to freely express themselves comfortably, secure in the knowledge that they are not alone on this journey. Share your experiences with other like-minded mamas and build invaluable friendships to empower each other to trust and believe in yourselves.


Soul Mama Yoga nurtures your body through safe tailor-made yoga, with an emphasis on relaxation to clear and calm the mind and body, preparing you for birth and beyond.



Nourishment to both you and your baby by creating a balanced sense of wellbeing, increasing endorphines to produce a calming and pain-releiving affect on the body. Increase of oxygen through breathing techniques brings nutrients to the baby.


Soul Mama Yoga teaches women to become empowered… make your own choices by being comfortable and confident with the capabilities of your new ever changing self. Be in control of your body, your baby, your birth.


Soul Mama Yoga Services

Soul Mama Yoga Specialises In

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga designed for expectant mums to labour most effectively as well as nourish and connect with their baby.

Postnatal Yoga

Yoga designed for the postnatal body and mind whilst engaging with your baby and building on a beautiful bond.

Baby Yoga & Massage

Yoga and massage designed to build confidence, connection and security through loving touch and communication.

Kids Yoga

Yoga designed for kids to calm the mind, understand and control emotions whilst releasing fears, anxieties or tension in a fun non-competitive environment.


What my clients say

“Kelly’s class was very soothing. I also liked her anatomical knowledge and her ability to modify the exercises with this knowledge, particularly when accommodating beginners like myself. I felt very tranquil by the end of the class.

Andrea Baker

Currumbin, Mum of 3

“Kelly’s classes are soothing, supportive and catered to your needs. My pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest and Kelly has taken the time to listen and give out personalised, practical advice. I’m sleeping better and my anxiety and preganancy aches & pains have reduced significantly. I particularly enjoy the ‘bonding with your baby’ aspect to the classes and the tips on breathing and positions to use in labour. I only wish I’d found her sooner. Thank you Kelly.”
Rebecca Berger

Miami, New mum-to-be

“I’ve been taking prenatal yoga classes with Kelly, they are fantastic. I’m so glad I found these classes to help me prepare for labour. They’ve helped throughout my pregnancy with both mind and body. This is my third pregnancy and I only wish I’d found Kelly with my first. Great classes, Kelly is very personable & knowledgeable, highly recommended.
Carri Robinson

Southport, Mum of 2 soon-to-be 3