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Soul Mama Yoga Birth Stories

Soul Mama Yoga on the Gold Coast, Australia is delighted to share some birth stories from Mums who have brought thier babies into this world, using Soul Mama Yoga techniques and mental preparation.

Thea Boiser

“After my due date I asked my midwife for a cervical sweep to sort of start my contractions. Thanks to Kelly’s amazing pregnancy yoga I was able to keep my composure and used the breathing techniques connecting the energy down to the perineum in every contraction. After 5 hours of active labour I experienced an amazing water birth. It was surreal and the most amazing experience for me. 

Kelly’s yoga sessions were a good investment for the d-day!

Lauren Archer

“As my due date grew closer I suffered preeclampsia and ended up being induced.  However, our little boy arrived in a big hurry and I got the VBAC I desired after a 97 minute labour. It was intense and I don’t think I would have coped if it wasn’t for all the breathing and mindfulness I learned in our classes. 

I heard Kelly’s voice talking me through it and I cannot thank her enough.

Tara McDonald

“We had a bit of a long process starting my induction, my membranes were too tough and it took 6 attempts to break my waters (he was just too comfortable).  Labour ended with a forceps delivery and my little guy is happy. 

I was pretty calm through the whole process thanks to Kelly’s pregnancy yoga.”

Faye Logan-Shuttleworth

“My waters partially broke on Monday morning and I had 3 days to get things going at home but by Thursday my little cherub was still being stubborn as we agreed to use gel to get things going.  I laboured naturally using oils, massage, meditation and the ball from 9.30am to 9.30pm when I was examined, I was 4cm dilated.  Things intensified after that as my body was tired from trying to get things going over the previous days followed by 12hours of early labour so I needed fluids and then monitoring as well some antibiotics due to early rupture of membranes. This meant I couldn’t move around from the bed and by 11.30pm and 6cm I requested an epidural which was not administered until 1.30am. I got some relief but still no sleep and at 5.30am it was time to start pushing. 2 hours later bub’s heart rate had dropped as she was also getting tired but was almost out. We had ventouse to assist with the last few pushes and finally at 8.14am she made her appearance into the world kicking and screaming! 

We are both doing very well and I truly believe that what I learned from hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga really helped throughout in body and mind.”

Jacinda Kidd

“OMG, I have a baby!!! I still cannot believe it. With an eventful appearance I cannot thank Kelly enough for everything throughout the pregnancy yoga classes.  Whilst I was unfortunately unable to utilise a lot of the physical practice,…

the mindset I developed through the classes and coaching is what got me through.”

Kayte County

“My waters broke just after midnight but there were some issues at the start which meant I had to be constantly monitored.  After 18 hours of labouring bubba had become stuck and was distressed which led to an emergency c-section. It was not how I had wanted my labour and birth to go but…

Listening to the meditations from Kelly and being mentally prepared I am at peace with my birth story.”

Katie-Jane O’Neill

“My labour started at 10pm on Thursday night. I was in the water and after a few hours our baby girl arrived on the Friday morning at 8.47am. 

Birthing was beautiful and absolutely amazing, I felt so prepared.”


“During labour I utilised the breathing techniques and visualisation advice, but during “pushing” I struggled to maintain calm as bub had heart decelerations as well as meconium being present. The midwife kindly told me I had to “get him out now’ or the doctors would have to, which did panic me a bit, but it was the reality check I needed to breathe deeper and find new strength and after 15 hours of unmedicated labouring I birthed our baby boy. 

I really benefitted from Kelly’s classes and support.”

Mandie Drelincourt

“Baby Rose arrived in stylish late fashion but in a super fast labour with its share of complications but…

The mental preparation gained through pregnancy yoga and especially the breathing and meditation was invaluable, every contraction brings your baby closer.”

Soul Mama Yoga offers tailor made classes to suit your pregnant or postnatal body and your baby. To ensure you gain the maximum benefits that pregnancy and postnatal yoga will bring you, classes have been designed into 8 week blocks with consecutive attendance highly recommended.

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