Faye Logan-Shuttleworth – Labrador - Soul Mama Yoga

“Kelly is such a caring & giving soul! She’s dedicated to providing support during her pregnancy yoga & postnatal “mum & bub” yoga classes. Pregnancy yoga was instrumental to my positive birth experience as Kelly provided breathing techniques, yoga/birth positions & the most beautiful affirmations for us to “breathe our baby out”!  Kelly supports all styles of birth, it’s not about having a drug free birth, it’s about having an empowered birth & that’s what Kelly’s classes helped me & my partner have. The postnatal mama & baby yoga classes are heavenly. Perfect to connect with other mums while being able to do something for myself & my body. The baby yoga has been amazing for my daughter with tummy pains & reflux. My partner also attended the Daddy & Me Baby Massage Workshop which he absolutely loved! He felt so connected to our daughter & feels much more helpful at home knowing he can massage aches & pains away from our little girl. I can’t thank Kelly enough for empowering me along my motherhood journey. Kelly goes above & beyond & genuinely cares about each of her clients – you are never just a number. 

This is not just yoga, this is connection, empowerment and love!