Jacinda Kidd – Parkwood - Soul Mama Yoga

“I have just completed an 8week block of pregnancy yoga with Soul Mama Yoga and cannot begin to explain how great it has been. Having previously only done the odd yoga class with years in between, I’ve always struggled to feel in touch with my breathing. After 8 weeks of Kelly’s Pregnancy Yoga I have learnt not only to be able to focus on my breathing but also feel more in touch with my body and my baby. Attending classes on a Friday evening has been a great way to release everything from the week. There have been numerous weeks when I get home from work and just feel meh!, but after getting myself up and off to class I am always so refreshed and ready for the weekend. It really has been a truly amazing experience and having the opportunity to interact with other pregnant ladies. 

I am looking forward to my next 8 weeks and continuing until baby comes and beyond.